Shipment Details

This app allows to display detailed shipments include shipped products, billing address, shipping address and tracking details on customer's order page.


Install on your BigCommerce store

Edit your theme file templates/layout/base.html, insert the code below before </body> tag:

    {{#if shipments}}
        storeDomain: '',
        customerId: '{{}}',
        currencySetting: {{{JSONstringify}}},
        storefrontShipments: {{{JSONstringify shipments}}},
<script {{#if shipments}}src="//"{{/if}} async></script>

Replace by your store domain.

Create API account

Log in with your store owner account. Go to Advanced Settings > API Settings, click Create API Account and choose Create V2/V3 API Token.

Choose these permission:

  • Customers: Read-Only
  • Information & Settings: Read-Only
  • Orders: Read-Only
  • Products: Read-Only
  • Order Transactions: Read-Only

Then click Save button.

Send us the credentials TXT file.