Multi-Storefronts Universal Login Automatically

This addon allows customers log in to one store, will also log in to all other multi-stores using the same account. The Multi-Storefronts feature is available only to Enterprise accounts.


Create an API key for BC API access by following this instruction:

  • Choose Create V2/V3 API Token.
  • In Oauth Scopes choose:
    • Customers: read-only
    • Customers Login: login

Send us the Access Token, Client ID and Client Secret code to install on your database.

Go to Channel Manager > Storefronts > click Scripts on all stores, then click Create a Script, choose:

  • Location on page = Footer
  • Select pages where script will be added = All Pages
  • Script type = Script

Enter the script below to Scripts contents:

    window.PapathemesMsfUniversalLoginSettings = {
        debug: true,
        urls: [
        storeHash: '{{{settings.store_hash}}}',
        customerId: '{{{}}}',
        channelId: '{{{settings.channel_id}}}'
<script src="" async defer></script>

Replace YOURDOMAIN by your primary store's domain name, for example The complete URL should look like

Replace the domain list (urls) by your store's domains:


Create the script again for each of your stores, but don't modify the primary store's domain.