Add to Cart Child Products from Product Pick List

Improve your customers' shopping experience with our new Add-to-Cart Child Products from Picklist Extension. This extension is designed to allow customers to add child products directly to their cart from multiple product picklist options on the product details page.

Unlike traditional setups where the main product with options is added to the cart, this extension facilitates the addition of each child product separately, providing a more streamlined shopping process. It's an ideal tool for bundle products or group products purchase setups, giving your customers the flexibility to select their desired combination of products.

By enhancing the shopping experience with this user-friendly functionality, you not only meet your customers' needs but also increase the opportunity for upselling and cross-selling, ultimately leading to an increase in average order value. Simplify your customers' shopping journey today with the Add-to-Cart Child Products from Picklist Extension.


Add child products picklist from PDP

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