Multi Storefronts Global Login

This extension enables customers to register with one store, can login to all of your storefronts that are associated with the same account. The Multi-Storefronts feature is available only to Enterprise accounts. When installing the extension, your existing customer accounts have been also connected to all of your channels.

Enable global logins on your stores

Create an API key for BC API access by following this instruction:

  • Choose Create V2/V3 API Token.
  • In Oauth Scopes choose:
    • Customers: modify
    • Customers Login: modify
    • Stored Payment Instruments: modify
    • Sites & Routes: modify
    • Channel Settings: modify
    • Channel Listings: modify

Send us the Access Token code to install on your database.

Run the following script to install the extension:

Replace STOREHASH by your store hash code.