Minimum Order Amount & Minimum Category Quantity

Install on your BigCommerce Store

Go to Storefront > Script Manager, click Create a Script, choose:

  • Location on page = Footer
  • Select pages where script will be added = Store pages
  • Script type = Script

Enter the script below to Scripts contents:

    window.jQueryTheme = window.jQueryTheme || window.jQuerySupermarket || window.chiarajQuery || window.jQuery;
    window.PapaThemesCategoryMinimumQuantitySettings = {
        debug: false,
        graphQLToken: '{{{settings.storefront_api.token}}}',
        apiUrl: '',
        useApi: false,
        storeHash: '{{{store_hash}}}',
        minimumAmount: 0,
        minimumAmountErrorMsg: 'Minimum order amount is $%min%',
        minimumQuantityByCategory: {},
        minimumErrorMsg: 'Minimum product quantity of %category% category is %min%',
        cartCheckoutActionSelector: '.previewCartAction-checkout, .previewCartAction-checkoutMultiple, .previewCart-additionalCheckoutButtons, .previewCartCheckout-checkoutButton, .previewCartCheckout-additionalCheckoutButtons, .cart-actions .button--primary, .card-actions .checkoutMultiple, .cart-additionalCheckoutButtons',
        watchingElementSelector: '#checkout-app, [data-cart-content] [data-cart-quantity], [data-cart-preview] [data-cart-quantity], .previewCart',
        cartStatusSelector: '[data-cart-status]'
<script src="" async defer></script>

Replace YOURDOMAIN by your store's domain name, for example The complete URL should look like